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Family-Owned, Listed & Pan-European. 

We are a pan-European owner, manager and developer of high-quality logistics and semi-industrial real estate. We operate a fully integrated business model with capabilities and long-standing expertise across the value chain, from land acquisition to development and asset and property management. With origins as a construction company, today our strategic focus is on the development of large multi-tenant business parks. We are a family-owned business operating in 17 European countries. 

We build to create value

As a family-owned business we think across generations. We operate in a responsible and sustainable manner, striking the right balance between results, tradition and innovation.  Our business is driven by prosperous, long-term relationships. We strive to create value and be a trusted partner to our customers and the communities in which we operate.  



In our efforts to serve our customers and communities best, we are guided by three principles: local presence, respect and responsiveness. That means we have a deep and thorough understanding of markets and regional specifics and respect the individual needs of both our customers and our communities. By being on-the-ground and close to our customers as well as to the communities in which we operate, we ensure that we can react quickly to serve their needs. We listen to them and respond to their individual needs through creative solutions and a collaborative spirit. We do this by challenging ourselves and adapting to the changing demands of our industry every day. 

We focus on prime locations

The logistics sector is undergoing rapid changes. As E-commerce continues to reshape consumption patterns, businesses and third-party logistics providers are prioritizing the delivery process within their business model.  

With a careful and sophisticated selection process for our land bank, we are uniquely positioned to serve our customers who are looking for a location in the vicinity of major European cities with direct access to main traffic lines, offering easy public access as well as 24/7 operations. 


VGP - Corporate Video

VGP - Corporate Video

Our History

Successful track record of geographic expansion and continued delivery across markets



  • 1998

    VGP Founded in Czech Republic as a Belgian family-owned business

  • 2007

    Listing on Euronext Brussels Stock Exchange

  • 2013

    Expansion to Germany

  • 2016

    Partnership with Allianz announced

  • 2019

    Expansion to Portugal - Setup of VGP Renewable Energy NV – Setup of VGP Foundation

  • 2021

    Expansion team: Last Mile experts - Increasing focus on Brownfield developments - Expansion into Serbia and France - Target: carbon neutrality by 2025 (scope 1&2)

  • 2023

    +200 MWp of solar systems (installed or in pipeline) - SBTi commitment to CO2 reduction approved - Entry Euronext BEL ESG Index - New Joint venture set up with Deka Immobilien

  • 2002

    Start-up of the development of a proprietary portfolio

  • 2007-2009

    Expansion throughout the Middle-European region (Slovakia, Hungary) and Baltics (Estonia and Latvia)

  • 2015

    Expansion to Spain

  • 2018

    Further expansion throughout Western Europe (Benelux, Austria) and Southern Europe (Italy)

  • 2020

    Expansion of the team with Renewable Energy experts

  • 2022

    Expansion to Denmark and Croatia - Entry into EPRA Nareit Developed Europe Index - Aim for net 55% reduction. of "in-use" scope 3 carbon emissions by 2030

Our Offer

We provide attractive and functional premises in prime locations.

High-quality Building Standards

VGP’s logistics assets offer high technical standards and great modularity for potential customers with a particular focus on energy efficiency and sustainability. High-quality projects are developed on the basis of our building standards while always allowing for individual adaptations to meet to specific requirements of future customers.  

VGP Building Standards

Turnkey Solutions

We either offer our customers premises that are already realised, with minimal need for further adjustments, or realise premises according to their specific requirements. Universally adopted top standard building parameters for all our parks allow for both logistic services and semi-industrial usage of our properties. 


We offer a full-suite of tailor-made solutions for build-to-suit projects. 

"Build-to-suit" solutions by VGP offer the possibility of full adaptation of the property to the requirements and specifics of the future customer – from layout to technological solutions – from as early as the preparatory stages: 

  • Search for an ideal location within our own land bank and beyond together with the customer
  • In-house design and layout of buildings tailored to customer specifications (within minimum building standards protocol)  
  • Versatile and innovative solutions, developed in partnership with the customer
  • Benefit from our strategic alliances with architecture firms 

Property and Facility Management

Our Property and Facility Management services are designed to help optimise our customers buildings’ performance, enabling a productive and efficient usage and a content workforce to deliver great business results. 

Our team of dedicated property and facility management experts ensures our buildings and assets are maintained at the highest standards, mitigate risks, improve safety and reduce costs through an efficient, streamlined process. 


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Do you have a question or you want to have more information about our property and facility management activities? Do not hesitate to contact us.

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Our Technical Competence

At VGP, we make the difference with our technical skills and know-how in a fast-changing market.

-Miquel-David Martinez, Chief Technical Officer VGP

Since we have started, we have built up a lot of skills and expertise across Europe. This in-house competence gives us the ability to offer innovative and high-tech solutions to all the diverse and complex needs of our clients. We are constantly expanding our knowledge to respond to new requirements, such as the quality of the floor, the height of the building, the energy supply, C02 reducing technologies or early access possibilities. Speed, flexibility, and timing are of utmost importance to be able to offer technically superior properties, complying with the highest standards. This fully adaptive service and multi-country technical expertise enable us each day to help us reach our goal, which is to help our customers grow. 

Technical Competence at VGP

Technical Competence at VGP

Our Markets

Joint ventures

Allianz Real Estate and VGP

The partnership with Allianz Real Estate consists today of four joint ventures, all 50:50 partnerships. The first (setup May 2016), the second (July 2019) and the fourth (Dec 2021) focus exclusively on the acquisition of completed prime logistics assets developed by VGP. The first and the fourth both focus on the same set of countries (see map) with the fourth joint venture having been setup as replacing the first in terms of investment capacity.

The third joint venture was setup for the development of a specific park, VGP Park Munich.

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Deka Immobilien and VGP

VGP has set up a 50:50  joint venture with Deka Immobilien, which is set to acquire a defined portfolio of German light industrial and logistics assets developed by VGP, more specifically a total of 5 parks with a total 20 warehouses. The total value of the joint venture is € 1.1 billion.

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VGP Foundation

Our mission is to encourage nature conservation, have impact on local communities through social projects and conserve and protect Europe’s cultural heritage.

Through the VGP Foundation, we are helping to improve quality of life across European communities, not just in the ones in which VGP operates its logistics and industrial parks.


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