Eco-Efficient Logistics & Light Industrial Real Estate

Are you looking for a way to reduce your carbon footprint while also optimizing your warehouse operations? At VGP, we offer eco-efficient warehouses to enable our clients to be eco-efficient changemakers.

Our eco-efficient warehouses are designed with the focus on sustainability, utilizing the latest technologies and materials to reduce energy consumption and waste production. Our sustainable warehouses, with ecologically and technologically advanced features, can help you achieve your sustainability goals while also improving the efficiency of your logistics operations.

Learn more about how our eco-efficient warehouses can benefit your business and help you become an eco-efficient changemaker. Together, we can make a difference!

Eco-Efficient Buildings

To make our buildings as eco-efficient as possible, we add many energy efficient and CO2-reducing features to our construction design. Discover them here: 

Optimize Energy Consumption

To further enhance eco efficiency, we have set out an energy consumption optimization strategy which focuses on four aspects:

  • Daily optimization of operations to optimize energy consumption, with smart meters
  • Refurbishment program for existing portfolio with technical improvement of the equipment, such as LED light
  • VGP Renewable Energy offers green energy solutions to our tenants, with our own photovoltaic systems available for self consumption. The regulated utility status of VGP Renewable Energy in Germany allows us to offer our clients tailor-made solutions. 
  • Implement heat pumps to replace gas for new developments

E-Mobility and Connectivity

We provide our tenants with green electric and hydrogen charge facilities to facilitate their transition towards a green fleet. Next to this, we focus on easy public transport access and the proximity of major cities at our locations. We have a target set for all VGP parks to be equipped with EV charging and public transport access.

Water and Waste Management

Furthermore, we work actively on efficient water management and waste management. Based on environmental best practice, we take active steps to limit water consumption, reduce water waste and protect water quality. Special efforts are made to install water efficient equipment, optimize operating practices and ensure that leaks are detected and repaired on a timely basis. We have also implemented water saving and retention techniques, used for cleaning and for watering green spaces.

VGP’s waste management approach is designed to maximise recycling and minimise disposal to landfill. In order to manage waste most effectively the Group has tailored its approach and waste management targets to the three main waste generating activities, own operations and offices, at construction sites and in the standing asset building portfolio. 

Own Activities

  • Making commuting more sustainable by transitioning to electric cars and to bikes for trips of < 10km. The Group only allows the use of battery-powered or hybrid vehicles for its own staff with respect to car portfolio leased and own.
  • Introducing a business travel policy which aims to replace flight travel by teleconferencing for 20% of meetings and by train for trips of < 750km
  • Switched to 100% certified green energy contracts for all VGP offices, provided by our own photovoltaic systems.
  • Promoting digitization to reduce paper consumption and waste

Performance: Improve eco-efficiency

Discover Our Parks

VGP’s assets offer high technical standards and great modularity for specific requirements of potential clients, with a particular focus on energy efficiency and sustainability. Explore our parks across Europe.



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