VGP Property & Facility Management

VGP Property Management

Our Property Management services coordinate with all the service providers operating in our buildings to ensure smooth operations. For our customers it ensures long-term comfort whilst optimising service and maintenance contracts. By adhering to the highest standards and adapting to changing needs we ensure the long-term future of the property.  

Some of the services we provide include: 

  1. Drawing up a schedule of conditions for service provisions and definition of a multi-year action plan on the basis of our customers’ particular usage profile
  2. Preventative maintenance coordination of the building's facilities, e.g. regular inspections, lifts, heating, etc.

  3. Remedial maintenance service coordination by providing, replacing or renewing technical equipment on the basis of priorities or statutory obligations 

  4. Monitoring of service providers for compliance with contractual commitments and control over operating costs 

VGP Facility Management

Our Facility Management team assists customers with day-to-day operations and maintenance of technical installations both inside the buildings and exterior areas. 

Some of the services we provide include: 

  1. Operation and maintenance of heating, ventilation, sanitation, electrical and other technical installations

  2. Supervision and support of external service providers (maintenance, repair work, etc.) 

  3. Independent realization of small repairs 

  4. Ensuring general order, cleanliness and traffic safety 

  5. Maintenance of exterior areas (i.e. cleaning work) 

  6. On-site support of customers 

  7. Emergency service readiness