VGP Park Parma 2

Strategically placed in the middle of a highly populated, dynamic area with a dense industrial fabric

Park description

VGP Park Parma 2 is located about 5.0 km from the center of Parma. The Park is located about 3.0 km from the exit of the A1 highway connecting Milan, Reggio Emilia and Bologna. VGP Park Parma is strategic in the area for a project involving a "Last Mile" property in the middle of a dynamic area with high population and a dense industrial factories. VGP Park Parma consists of a high-quality property with approximately 6,000 m2 of lettable area. There is currently a shortage of modern industrial facilities, and VGP has realized a warehouse capable of accommodating logistics and industrial activities through a platform that will feature docks on both facades, ample parking, and great flexibility in office distribution.


18 865 m2

Lettable Area

5 710 m2

Available Area

0 m2

Minimum unit size

Not specified



  • excellent access to the main roads
  • adjacent to A1/E35 highway
  • excellent transport connections

Production facilities and service

  • excellent transport connections
  • workforce availability
  • all infrastructure on-site
  • turnkey, custom-made solutions


Location that fits your needs

The site is located about 3.0 km from the exit of the A1 highway connecting Milan, Reggio Emilia and Bologna.

Points of interest

3 km
3 min
Bus stop
500 m
10 minutes


Reggio Emilia
30 km
57 km
62 km
94 km
125 km


Upon request, all rental spaces can be adapted according to the future tenant’s requirements. To a certain extent, adjustments may be made even if a building is already under construction in order to accommodate the tenant’s special technical requirements. An experienced VGP team of experts will assess all the needs of the tenant and ensure a successful implementation. We are continuously working to optimise our buildings, and at all times with a view to the needs of the market and technical developments. Of course, energy efficiency and sustainability are always a priority.

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The park offers both small units as well as tailor-made solutions for large logistics operations. Our premises are suitable for logistics services, light production and commercial activities. 


Agostino Emanuele

+39 333 2004242

VGP Italy S.r.l.
Via Cassanese 45
20054 Segrate (MI)


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