Dear readers,

Location3 magazine - December 18, 2020

When looking back to the beginning of 2020, we have to admit that none of us could have imagined that this year would be so exceptional. We at VGP had prepared ourselves for another year of major milestones for us as a company, and this has come true. We have invested a lot, and in recent months we have considerably strengthened the foundations for our future development. Not only have we been able to attract new and talented employees who will help us to achieve our ambitious growth plans, we were also able to announce or open further VGP parks.

We have expanded geographically and, among other things, laid the foundation stone for KraussMaffei's new site in Parsdorf near Munich, where the concept of a “smart factory” will be implemented.

We have been able to see for some time now that entire industries are on the verge of major change. Many of our clients experience every day the need to strategically realign themselves in the short and long term and initiate longterm transformation processes.

The trends that we have been seeing for a long time, be it digitalisation in manufacturing, mobility, consumer behaviour towards e-commerce and the resulting greater demand for storage, or the demand for renewable energy, have only been accelerated by the pandemic. The speed at which all this is happening is sometimes breathtaking.

The use of new technologies for automation in warehousing is increasing, sustainable solutions in terms of energy are required and the automotive industry is called upon to develop a long-term and sustainable energy concept. It must accelerate the transformation from fossil fuels to alternative and more environmentally friendly power sources. Regeneratively generated electricity and hydrogen will be the focus here in the future.

It is extremely exciting to see how our clients adapt to all these requirements to remain competitive. This represents a great opportunity for us, as it requires us as a company to find solutions to all these challenges our clients are facing in order to support them in the best possible  ways on their paths to the future.

We at VGP are proud to be part of this development and as a European company consider it a privilege to contribute responsibly so that new and sustainable technologies help to make Europe strong and competitive for the future.

I hope you enjoy reading Location3

Jan Van Geet